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StarBlack by grthink StarBlack by grthink
First things first -- rubbish title, I know. If anyone can think of anything better, please let me know.

Okay, now that's out of the way...this is another older picture -- about two or three years now. The reason I hadn't posted it earlier was the question of finding a balance between the file size and the amount of detail that was lost by reducing it. Also, by changing it to JPG, the colour has changed very slightly. As a break from the norm, I did this picture in a orange/brown fineliner that my girlfriend bought me -- it's the same colour as the pen used to colour the background in my portrait of Owen Hartson (as flawed as that picture is :) ). The other thing I wanted to comment on was the large area of white on the left hand side of the page -- this was because in some kind of fit I wrote out all the lyrics to the song 'Monsoon' by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, and it looked horrible, so I cut the part I was happy with out, and that's the part that you see now. The plan was to add it into a different piece, as propagandhi has done in Unamed 7, but was never happy with the results. I've also posted a detail from this, for those that want to see it a bit closer up (there may be someone out there who does).

Anyway, enough from me. I'd like to know what you all think -- any suggestions on what I can do with this would be very welcome indeed. Thanks in advance.
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PlanetaryStudios Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
...this looks like "Trail of Dead" to me. The negative space on the left gives this piece much needed balance.
Intended or not, well done. This would look nice matted and framed.
grthink Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2006
Thanks for the nice words... I've got it poorly framed at the moment, incidentally.
a-to-z Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2004
i would probably have something like this plastered all over an album. brilliant work here. someone pointed out before, it seems busy... but not distractingly so. when you break it down and look at the parts, it's not that complicated, but as a whole it looks quite complete and very intracate. i like the hidden messages you have in there as well, it's really cryptic. nice job.

as for the name... the heart of all stars?
saronix Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004  Hobbyist
I really like this picture, it may be on some aspects ''TOO busy'' but I myself like that.

It offers alot to look at.

I only wish it could cover the rest of the page.
grthink Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004
You and me both pal. Damn those pesky moments of madness.
grthink Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2004
It's called StarBlack because of the words 'The Heart of every Star is Black'. Pretentious bullshit, I know, but the clues are there.
rej- Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2004
I love all the details, you have an original style!
Cat-Nappe Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2004   Photographer
oh there is so much detail! Nah I like the fact that it's called StarBlack because you think there will be black and then you get red, but I think that sort of thing is cool so . . . lol, yeah nice work!
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November 10, 2004
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